meaty cuts for sleazy butts


Peter Richard - Walking in the Neon

the mystery of space 1986

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the saucer people said...

You have some amazing releases on your blog, the title perfectly sums up my faavourite kind of Italo too, a dark sleazy groove wrapped in a psychedelic jacket....sad to see you stopped posting a while ago but thanks so much for keeping your archive up so people like me who have only just discovered your blog can still enjoy such beautiful music (and we don't have to wade through hundreds of cheesy joyless so-called "Italo" tracks to find a jewel in the dirt, you have done all the hard work for us and we thank you.

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Welcome to the home of dead and dying stars. Laying to rest records that clear the floor and drain the bar, these awkward, far from perfect b sides, nrg also rans and synthy italo singalongs all have a common bond. Dramatically pulled from the piles of vinyl that never quite made it to the party, you can still hear an electric heart beating. (ellt.flwr at g mail) The above was written when I started this blog. Numbers have dwindled. Everything is on UTUBE. I, however, continue undaunted. Now the tunes are ones that I am listening to currently, no theme or reason. Italosleaze, can't change that. But still the 'ethos' remains...let the ears do the talking. Cheers. And I have to say a big Thanks (THANKS) to diepvries. You know. It all seemed so innocent back then.