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Cerrone - Where Are You Now

This is how all Kim Wilde songs should sound ;-) Ah Cerrone, you've done it again!!!
It's recorded a bit slower than the recommended '45', but there aren't many that would get up to dance in front of this blog!
So please stay seated...


Klein and MBO - Wonderful (Disco Dub-Mix)

B side of the promo, a "Disco Dub-Mix"; Sounds like live mixing, starting/stopping all the old din-sync'd Roland gear, you can hear the tracks being punched in and out.

Yeah, its Wonderful

Dance Department



BAJA - Mascara

As the dub version is on Metro Area's Fabric CD (sounds like I know them doesn't it), i've posted the A side, vocal version.

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Welcome to the home of dead and dying stars. Laying to rest records that clear the floor and drain the bar, these awkward, far from perfect b sides, nrg also rans and synthy italo singalongs all have a common bond. Dramatically pulled from the piles of vinyl that never quite made it to the party, you can still hear an electric heart beating. (ellt.flwr at g mail) The above was written when I started this blog. Numbers have dwindled. Everything is on UTUBE. I, however, continue undaunted. Now the tunes are ones that I am listening to currently, no theme or reason. Italosleaze, can't change that. But still the 'ethos' remains...let the ears do the talking. Cheers. And I have to say a big Thanks (THANKS) to diepvries. You know. It all seemed so innocent back then.