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The "V" Project (featuring K.O. & Extra Specials) - Black Jack (1986)

Originally released 1977(

This '86 cover is a little more melancholic and electronic sounding. Still the original was an amazing record for 1977.

I heard the 86 version before I knew about the 77 release, and interpreted the lyrics as documenting a young mans entry into the NY scene, with all it's pitfalls and dangers. But in '77, in Italy, who knows what it was about.


The rip is recorded at -8, adds about a minute to the original length. Speed it up if you have a mp3 thingy, but I like my nrg waaaaaaaay slower.


Anonymous said...

A nice cover, by the way Project V also did a nice rendition of Giorgio Moroder's First hand experience and second hand love.Thanks for posting.

the saucer people said...

The 12 Inch extended version of Baciotti's "Black Jack" is perhaps my favourite "Italo" record of all time, so I approached this record with some reservation (how can you improve on a faultless classic) and I was pleasantly suprised, its almost an ambient version that chills and spaces out the original...I like it!
PS> Gonna search out their version of the Moroder classic, cannot wait to hear how they have interpreted that!

Anonymous said...

-8 ?? You are totally nuts man (to say the least). These records were meant to be played THAT speed and not slower. I have not heard any record that sounded better if slowed down, and I've listened to 1000's of them meanwhile.

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